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Correct accounting

Pocket Accountant – is a mobile application developed for small businesses, taking into account the requirements and recommendations of the current legislation in the field of management, accounting and tax accounting.
This product will significantly reduce your time for paperwork and financial calculations. You will receive in real time the main business indicators and thereby increase the efficiency of your business!
The more time you are busy with your business, the more you become rich and happy 😉!

What is the application for?

For services

Invoices and work orders. Accounting for requests for repairs and receipts to buyers. Printing and sending by e-mail certificates of work performed, copies of receipts. Working with advances and installments!

Accounting of customers

The application has a customer base and reconciliation acts. Settlement reports. There is an internal CRM with reminders and tracking the status of documents.

For trade

Quantitative accounting of goods in the warehouse, including critical and minimum balances! Printing and e-mailing invoices / orders. Printing price tags with EAN-13 barcodes. Point of sale automation.

For accounting finance

Accounting for income, expenses and expenses. There is currency accounting (including revenue at the exchange rate). Working with z-reports and cashier. Real-time financial balances.

For an entrepreneur

Summary information on the results of transactions in the form of graphs: shipment of goods and services, income and expenses, revenue and taxes for any period, average check. Calendar of payments and taxes.

Taxes and reports

Taxes and reporting is always an inconvenient topic for any business … In the mobile application Pocket Accountant the calculation of taxes is maximally simplified and brought to a single standard.
All the user needs to do is input bank statement into the application and create primary documents!
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Tarifs and prices

After activating the application, you will have 15 days of free work available to get acquainted with the possibilities 🎁.
Further, the cost of using the application is negligible. Compare with the cost of a month of work of an accountant: your benefit is obvious – 15 times cheaper!
  • 0 always
    • Free
      • ❗ With ads view
      • ❗ Small statistics
      • ❌ No automation
      • ❌ Without warehouse
      • ❌ Without accounting books
      • ❌ No Tax Calculation
      • ❌ No reconciliation statements
      • ✔ Only print documents
      • ✔ Finance accounting
      • ✔ Data Volume restrictions
  • 4,99 monthly
    • Maximum
    • Best choice!
      • ✔ Warehouse control
      • ✔ Trade automation
      • ✔ Finance accounting
      • ✔ Price lists and price tags
      • ✔ Your own printing forms
      • ✔ Formation of documents
      • ✔ Images to documents
      • ✔ Calculating of taxes
      • ✔ Reconciliation acts
  • 2,99 monthly
    • Own business
    • Save money
      • ❌ No automation
      • ❌ No warehouse control
      • ❌ No images
      • ❌ Without own printed forms
      • ❗ Cutted Tax calculation
      • ✔ Print and send of documents
      • ✔ Reconciliation acts
      • ✔ Price lists

20 years of practice in your

An accountant in pocket will help an entrepreneur to organize his work correctly, calculate taxes and focus on his business.
The accounting of activities, first of all, is needed directly – by business, and not by the state!
It is the correct accounting that will be able to answer the questions: “How effective is my business?“, “Who owes me?“, “How much money do I have now?


Install the mobile application Pocket Accountant (accounting for individual entrepreneurs) on your smartphone and mobilize your business to the fullest!
The application is absolutely free for the first 15 days after activating the copy.

By downloading and installing the this application to your device, you accept the privacy policy and user agreement.

MobiPyx is a mobile application for small and medium-sized businesses. There is everything here to quickly know the numbers of your business and satisfy your customers in time 👌

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